In the heart of old St. Petersburg, an area slightly less than one hundred square meters is a unique multi-brand boutique Mancini.

Recently, the Art boutique "Mancini" moved
in the showroom on the street 60 (2nd floor).
Tremendous discounts up to 50%
all the collection art boutique!
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by phone +7 (812) 951-55-17!


Rate our eclectic interior - surrounded by paintings by young artists from St. Petersburg:

  • Michael Abram, Elena Kiseleva, Cyril Ovchinnikov, Dmitry Degas, Paul Nuclear, Bob Horst, Graig Speakes, Constantine Art.

Organically adjoin products of the leading Russian designers and international fashion brands:

  • Ilya Chelyshev, Fashion House "Harlen", Fashion House "Salire", Fashion House "Mekler", Elena Romanoff, Avantage, Natalia Kovshik, Fashion House "Claudia Smirnova", KARNACHE`VA, Sofia Sonich, Anastasia Almazov, Leonid Alexeev, Fashion House "TG", Fashion House "Anna Chapman", Satinn, Oksana Dolgov, Elena Romanova, Natalia Soldatova, Initials, Fashion House "Winter", Ledi Sharm, Zalvardo, Dasha Weiss, Gam Look, Alena Manyahina, Julija Skrypnik, Anna Subbotina, Elena Makuhina, Larisa Ojnas, Christina Andree, Jana Shusterman, Dizalica.

Masters of the shoe:

  • Leonid Grivko, Roberto Dolce Milano, Bourne, Razgulyaev Blagonravova, VALENTINO.


  • Roberto Dolce Milano, Sea Star Milano, Andrey Alov.

Stylish Accessories:

  • Kirill Ovchinnikov, Maxim Danilin, Bruno Carlo, Armani, Sea Star Milano, Andrey Alov, Avivo.

Handmade Jewelry from the masters of haute couture:

  • Irina Colori, SVITOE, Dragon Porter, Zhanna Leaf, Caviar Jewellery, Neobiser.

Already on the verge of a boutique becomes clear that in St. - Petersburg there is an art space combining the latest fashion trends and timeless motifs of art, noble gold luxury and homeliness, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and delicate scent of spruce twigs.

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